The London health meals firm is refueling with a £ 1.2m funding


A London-based healthy food startup recently raised £ 1.2m through a crowdfunding campaign after drawing great interest from investors.

Munchfit, which has partnerships with fitness chains like Equinox and Barry’s Bootcamp, raised the money from 330 investors through the crowdfunding website Crowdcube and is expected to increase production by up to 400 percent.

MunchFit operates fitness cafes and a nationwide meal plan service that allows customers to order up to four meals a day, six days a week, tailored to their fitness goals.

One of the “Fit Investors” is entrepreneur and investor Spencer Matthews, who used the Fuel Lean Meal Plan to accomplish his weight loss transformation for men’s health.

The meal plan delivery service will use the new cash injection to open five more cafes, introduce their fuel range in major supermarkets and improve the user experience through their website and e-commerce platform.

You will also hire key people to expand into new business areas and drive growth.

Angus Fay, CEO and Founder of MunchFit, said, “The interest and support has been incredible. We had ambitions to raise £ 1 million. When we’ve topped that, it really feels like a real vote of confidence and expands the scope of what we can do with the business.

“Most of us strive for health, but lack of time is often the biggest obstacle to achieving our goals. Cooking healthy meals goes out the window for something to eat on the go. This means that no matter how hard we work out, if our diet is imbalanced, we won’t get the results we want to see.

“After the pandemic, the appetite for high-quality, health-conscious products is increasing. We are confident that MunchFit can deliver more than just healthy returns. “

The MunchFit team of chefs is led by Chef Jamie Cairns, who has over 25 years of experience in Michelin-starred restaurants.

The menus and meals are also judged by Mark Ellison, elite sports nutritionist for world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, Manchester United and Team GB Boxing.

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