The London hospital expects an inflow of flu circumstances this 12 months


Staff at the London Health Sciences Center (LHSC) are preparing for what they say could be one of the worst flu seasons they’ve seen in years.

dr Rodrick Lim, the director of pediatric emergency departments at the LHSC, told CTV News they were prepared to see an influx of patients with influenza this winter.

“We know that COVID-19 is circulating freely and that influenza broke out quite early this year, anything we can do for ourselves and society is welcome,” he said.

Because Canadians have been quarantined for extended periods during the pandemic, Lim says they are more vulnerable to viruses, including the flu.

“I think parents have already noticed that their children have had more illnesses in the past few months than they have had in the past two years,” Lim added.

“We anticipate that this winter will be a tremendous opportunity for the virus to spread unchecked. The more we can do our part, the less likely they will end up in an emergency room or their family’s doctor’s office.”

Lim recommends people stay home if they feel sick and get the flu shot to protect others and relieve pressure on the emergency room.

Lim also warned that emergency room wait times are expected to rise to new record levels as healthcare workers are few and far between across Canada.