The London Meals Financial institution is accepting donations on behalf of the Ukraine centre


The London Food Bank said it was accepting donations for the London Ukrainian Center to help and express solidarity with the Ukrainian people as the country continues to be besieged by Russian forces.

Food bank officials announced on Monday that Londoners can leave non-perishable donations, including feminine hygiene products, diapers and other items for the people of Ukraine, in bins at grocery stores across the city.

“The conflict in Ukraine has dominated our minds and hearts. The thought of 1.5 million refugees suddenly being produced in less than two weeks is challenging, but we can all help,” the London Food Bank said in a statement.

Donations to Ukraine must be marked with either a yellow or blue ribbon, the words “UKRAINE” on the donation bag/box, or a drawing of a Ukrainian flag on the donation. Specifically marked donations will not be distributed through the London Food Bank system but will be delivered to the London Ukraine Centre.

“London Food Bank has historically always been ready to assist in these emergencies and supporting the Ukrainian people, either abroad through targeted donations or our general food supply to refugees who have arrived in London, is one of our top priorities” , so read the statement.

Last week, the London Ukraine Center announced that it would be raising priority material and financial donations to help those displaced by the Russian invasion. While groceries and diapers are still accepted, the center reports an increased need for first aid items.