The London singer Sarina Haggarty ends the self-isolation with the net efficiency of the LFP-Arts Council


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The council’s initiative aims to connect artists – musicians, dancers, visual artists and others – with the public and to raise money for an artist relief fund through The fund aims to help artists in difficult times, including COVID-19, which has closed all art venues. Charity receipts are issued online.

This is Haggardy’s second online performance for the London Arts Council. It occurred on the first day, March 23rd.

“There was a lot of audience because everyone was at home on the phones and computers,” said Haggarty, who will be performing a mix of original and cover songs, including new material.

Haggarty was in Los Angeles on a work vacation for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and returned home on March 12. She was self-isolating with her family and continued her studies online.

Although her work with the foundation has not yet been announced, Haggarty is one of the clients of this charity. She made a wish in 2016 when she faced brain surgery to cure her from seizures.

Her original wish was to appear on a big stage somewhere; It was her wish to perform with Canadian pop sensation Shawn Mendes in Cleveland in front of more than 20,000 people in 2017.

Now she is working with the foundation on its 40th anniversary.

Of London Arts Live Online, she said, ‚ÄúThere are no live shows so I think this helps keep people in touch with the artists. When they watch live music like this online for free, they always seem to enjoy it. “

On Monday, the London rock icon Doug Varty performed as well as the visual artist Anthony Hare, the dancer Elizabeth Morgan and the singer-songwriter Derek Holt.

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