The London space may transition to yellow COVID ranges by subsequent week


The Middlesex-London Health Unit says COVID-19 restrictions could be relaxed by next Monday.

After nearly two months, the stay at home order was lifted on February 16, and London-Middlesex was placed on the red control tier of the COVID-19 response framework. During a press conference on Monday, medical health officer Dr. Chris Mackie, the region is well on its way to getting to orange or yellow levels on March 1st.

“Looking at the numbers at the moment would probably put us in the yellow according to the provincial framework. Of course, things can change in the next few days. “Explained Mackie.

Mackie explained that the contagious variants of the virus, such as one originating in the UK, could prove difficult to keep local numbers down. He credits the vaccination campaign as part of the reason for the downward trend in numbers.

Mayor Ed Holder added that the public should follow public health guidelines even as the region shifts out of the red.

“If our restrictions change, our commitment to public health guidelines cannot change,” said Holder. “If we’re lucky enough to open up more of our economy, we want it to be sustainable and long-term.”

London-Middlesex has reported fewer than 20 cases a day for over a week, with the last COVID-19-related death confirmed on February 12. The London Health Sciences Center fixed its most recent outbreak on February 4th.

The decision as to whether the area moves away from red control rests with the Ontario government. Should a change be made, Londoners will likely hear by Friday afternoon that the result will take effect the following Monday.