The London Well being Heart (med) 24 is designed like a spa


The new London health center is more like a spa

Threefold Architects is guided by the design of the new London health center (med) 24. in the hotel industry

A new 24-hour health service, (med) 24, is inspired by both medical and spa environments. With carefully considered layout, lighting and atmosphere, the London health center puts the patient experience at the heart of its ethos.

Threefold Architects is behind the 7,000 square meter health facility in London, with every aspect – from the open reception area to the calibrated lighting that enables reading – designed to ensure optimal patient comfort. “Both the customer and we were keen to bring a new approach to thinking and design to the project and the sector,” explains Jack Hosea, Director of Threefold, explaining why the center draws its inspiration from hospitality rather than healthcare.

“Healthcare is generally about getting well when something is wrong, while med (24) ‘s approach is more holistic and focuses on monitoring and maintaining wellbeing while being able to resolve problems that arise. Our goal was to create a building that embodies wellness through both the physical journey and the experience of a series of spaces that are human-centered, calming and uplifting. Not starting with a traditional medical mindset has helped us break free of the clichéd conventions of medical design while creating a clinic that fully complies with the standards of the Care Quality Commission. ‘

The new private medical clinic comprises five consulting rooms, two treatment rooms and a therapy suite; the interior design connects the different spaces with elements such as lighting and the use of natural materials that create a seamless transition. “We considered the patient experience and thought about how every space, interaction, and step in a person’s journey could be designed to make them feel better,” says Hosea.

The end result has more to do with a spa than a medical facility: “It’s comfortable and spacious, full of natural light, natural materials, plants, high quality acoustics and fresh air. The experience is enhanced through carefully choreographed interaction with staff; Patients are guided through every step of their consultation, with spaces to relax and unwind. ‘ §