The London Wellbeing and Fintech App goals so as to add 50 to the workforce with a £ 3m fundraiser


A finance and wellbeing banking app has announced that it will hire up to 50 new employees after raising capital of GBP 3 million.

London-based Maslife will raise total funding of the investment to more than £ 5 million and fund its plans to hire 50 people in offices in London, Munch, Marbella and Monaco.

This equity funding increase occurs when Maslife launches its platform after a successful soft launch.

Maslife is expected to be fully rolled out in spring 2021.

Kash Amini, Founder of Maslife commented, “Gaining this investment demonstrates the confidence in our app and shows that it is a solution that people are craving.

“By integrating wellness in a banking platform, Maslife defines a new category of fintech at the push of a button.

“By providing highly secure, trustworthy and personalized solutions to create financial freedom and anchoring a mindful mindset, we provide our customers with all the tools they need to manage their health and wealth.

“The effects of a global pandemic and all of the social and economic constraints that it entails have brought wellness and general health to the fore.

“Maslife is in a unique position to provide this kind of health, wellness and financial security.

“With a strong European presence and a team of experts at the top, we are delighted that Maslife is growing from strength to strength.”

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