The Meals for London Now enchantment raised £ 10 million and delivered 20 million meals: Thanks, London


Dear London,

Today our Food for London Now appeal exceeded its goal of raising £ 10 million to care for the poorest in London.

Nine months ago, when the UK first entered a historic lockdown to address a novel threat, we faced a challenge. The situation was grave: the economy was flat, community organizations saw their funds being cut, and many could not leave their homes or access essentials.

Our newspaper is a commuter newspaper, and we felt the pain of the pandemic almost as much as many. So we decided to do everything we can to help the Londoners who needed it during this difficult time. and give people the tools to help one another.

We worked with The Felix Project, the country’s largest food redistribution charity, to supply hospitals, schools, and charities like With Compassion.

Thanks to the generosity of the readers, we were able to recharge the operation of the Felix project: in February 20,000 meals were distributed a day; Now it’s 100,000 a day.

Our journalists have traveled across town shedding light on the people and organizations that are doing their part to support local communities.

We also shared the stories of those who suffered the most from Covid-19. As I wrote in March, the Evening Standard is the UK’s premier campaign newspaper and website.

Thank you London: food for London now


Lucy Young


Matt Writtle


Lucy Young


Lucy Young

We don’t just report the facts; We’re trying to make a difference. In this sense, this victory is also the first step towards opening a social kitchen for London as a permanent commitment to fighting hunger in our capital.

But for now, this letter is for everyone who worked on the campaign, for all of the volunteers who gave their time helping others, and for all of the supporters who donated their resources.

There is only one thing left to say: Thank you, London.

Evgeny Lebedev

Evening Standard holder

Let’s feed London now!

This November and December, together with our sister company The Independent, we will deliver groceries directly to 1,000 Londoners every day through our partner With Compassion. Please donate here to ensure no Londoner goes hungry this Christmas.