The Metropolis of London expects the vast majority of workplace staff to return, says Catherine McGuinness


The City of London expects most office workers to return to the square mile after the pandemic after more than a year of intensive homework, said company chairwoman Catherine McGuinness.

“What people tell us is that they expect their central office space to remain the focus of their business. People come in three or four days and work different hours. So we expect the bulk of the return,” McGuinness told the BBC on March 30th.

“We really expect people to come back, but … in a different way, to use their offices in a different way, at different hours, on different days, but we expect that enthusiasm and vitality return and can’t wait to see them, “she said.

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When asked what effect a drop in visitor numbers would have on the shops and food companies serving office workers in the city, McGuinness said they would be hard hit if the drop in office workers were sharp.

“If the pace changes dramatically, it will be a challenge for them,” she said.

“But we really expect life and excitement and people on the streets using these services.”

“We’re already seeing a real surge in interest in office space in the city in our planning applications,” she said.

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She said office space is still in demand, but companies are moving towards a hybrid model of both working from home and using the office for collaborative work and training.

“Continued interest, continued commitment to this office space, but a different way of using it,” she said.

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