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Where to buy groceries from Europe in London

December 1, 2022

EuropaFood has been supplying the highest quality European products to the UK since 2011. The best Italian cheeses, unique French champagne, famous Greek yoghurts and many other delicacies and foods from European countries are presented on the EuropaFood product list.

Large variety of products from European countries

EuropaFood offers the possibility to select and buy products online or enjoy traditional offline shopping in the store that is like a real French supermarket in London.

The variety of products can please any buyer. The food catalog includes more than 6,000 items. They can be divided into several groups depending on the region from which the food is delivered:

• Products from Spain (ham, olives, wine, sauces etc.)
• Products from Portugal (meat, biscuits, sweets, drinks, etc.)
• Products from Italy (olives, cheese, pasta, cereals, chocolate, biscuits, etc.)
• Products from Poland (vegetables, fruits, dairy products, etc.)
• Products from France (cheese, alcohol, pastries, etc.)
• Products from Romania (dairy products, cheese, sauces, snacks, etc.)
• Products from Greece (olives, olive oil, yoghurt, cheese, etc.)
• Products from Eastern Europe (refrigerated products, beer, cider, etc.)

In addition, the company offers ready meals such as chicken couscous, seafood paella, Bolognese lasagna and others.

What is particularly practical about the EuropaFood online catalog is that you can use the special filter system to speed up the search for products.

It is possible to choose the country or the brand that offers the food you want to order. You can also just type the name of the product in the search engine above.

The uniqueness of the company is that it offers a separate category of organic products. Choosing the Organic Only option will give you access to the organic food list.

If you scroll through the product range, you will see all the prices that are on the ration cards.

What does EuropaFood

EuropaFood has many regular customers who have been choosing the company for more than 10 years. There are a few key reasons for this trust:
• Additional items in the catalogue.
• Nationwide shipping and delivery flexibility.
• Loyalty and wholesale programs.

Other items in the catalogue

In addition to the groceries, EuropaFood also offers some additional goods. For example, the company offers all the necessary items for high-quality gastronomy, such as boxes, bamboo take-away trays, eco-bags, toilet paper, disposable towels, wooden cutlery, disposable cups, syrup glass bottles, etc.

Shipping throughout the country and delivery flexibility

The company can deliver your order to any part of the UK within 3-5 working days. Delivery across London is instant on the same day the order is placed.

There is an option for free shipping. You don’t have to pay for delivery in London if your product price is more than £50. Shipping across the country is free if the cost of the order is over £70.

Loyalty and wholesale programs

You can register as a regular buyer and get access to the discount accumulation system, or register as a business customer and get a wholesale account. If you decide to create an account for bulk purchases, you can buy European products at a much lower price than the standard price.

To buy European products delivered by EuropaFood you can always order online or visit offline stores which are located in Paddington and South Kensington, daily from 8am to 10pm.

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