The proprietor of an East London restaurant with “rotten shellfish, rancid boiled eggs and moldy rice” within the kitchen has been fined £23,000


The Lagos Island restaurant on Lea Bridge Road was closed and its owner fined after a visit by council officials in July 2019 found spoiled shellfish, rancid boiled eggs and moldy boiled rice on its premises. Restaurant owner Gaby Kolajo has been ordered to pay fines totaling more than £23,000 and a permanent ban from operating his business.

Mr Kolajo was found guilty of three food safety breaches and previously fined £10,000 in January 2022 for defying a court closure order days before officials closed it in 2018. The owner was told that an infestation of mice and roaches needed to be dealt with before he could resume business on the premises.

As officers began searching the restaurants, they discovered what they believed to be a container of moldy chicken. According to Waltham Forest Council, Kolajo insisted it was in fact a traditional Nigerian dish of cooked crab.

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The Lagos Island owner has been accused of not keeping the premises clean

Mr Kolajo still operates a second building in Wembley which remains open. The restaurant owner appeared at a hearing in May 2022 and pleaded not guilty. However has since been found guilty of failing to keep the premises clean, in order and in good order; Failure to take adequate measures to control pests and place food on the market that is unsafe for human consumption.

Lagos Island has been ordered to close by official inspectors

A spokesman for the council said: “It is shocking to see the photos of what our enforcement officers uncovered on Lagos Island and any of their clients would have been horrified. We will use all the powers we have to protect residents and visitors from food businesses that endanger customers through negligence, greed or laziness.

“Mr Kolajo not only had the audacity to defy previous closure orders, he had the audacity to protest his innocence with a litany of frankly ridiculous excuses. I am pleased that the magistrate agreed with the council. Our message is loud and clear. Anyone in Waltham Forest who is unable or unwilling to maintain proper food hygiene standards will feel the full force of the law.”

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