The regionally produced “Backyard District” was named greatest brief movie on the London Worldwide Movie Pageant


Garden District production

Bryan Batt (left) and Barret O’Brien were named Best Actor in a short film for their roles in Garden District.

The locally shot short film “Garden District” was named best short film at the London International Film Festival 2021, which took place practically last month from London, Garden District Productions announced.

During the ceremony, Bryan Batt and Barret O’Brien were recognized as Best Actor in a short film for their roles in Garden District.

“We are so proud of the Garden District’s great cast and crew for this prestigious national award,” said Rosary O’Neill, inventor of Garden District. “This film was written to celebrate New Orleans and all its eccentricities, and the outstanding local cast really deserves that recognition.”

“Garden District” is a short film that was created as a sizzling role for a future potential television series. Produced in its neighborhood of the same name by a local cast and crew, it focuses on a family life in New Orleans.

Garden District Productions

Janet Shea plays the Garden District matriarch Irene Dubonnet Crawford.

The story tells the story of the New Orleans matriarch Irene Dubonnet Crawford, who struggles to balance her love for her dysfunctional adult children and the direction her life has gone. It’s a constant tug-of-war with her artist son, her writer daughter, her seedy son-in-law and her stepdaughter as an actress.

Her husband’s recent sudden death catapults Irene into choosing who will inherit millions of the Dubonnet family within a year.

The film was written by Rosary O’Neill and directed by Oley Sassone. Batt as Rooster Dubonnet, O’Brien as Quint Levitt and Janet Shea as Irene Dubonnet can be seen in it. Other actors are Kelly Lind as Kitten Levitt, Sheri Eakin as Jasmine Dubonnet, Carl Palmer as Clovis Debango and Dari Lynn Grifin as Ella.