The uncommon backyard sq. in central London is on the market


Outdoor space is scarce for property in central London, making the city’s quaint garden squares a rare and sought-after commodity. In Bayswater, the beautifully designed Prince’s Square is up for sale along with Savills.

Prince’s Square dates back to 1856 when it was founded as a couple with nearby Leinster Square. The landscaping of the space has evolved over the next 150 years, but the London plane trees are original and the garden features a lush lawn, perennial flower beds, a central flower bed, as well as pathways, seating and a children’s play area.

Photography: Westminster City Archives

Are you wondering who would buy a place in the garden?

Luke Hawkesbury, Savills Development Director, said: ‘We expect interest from a variety of sources, particularly local stakeholders who do not have access to the outdoors and where these types of exceptional amenities will either improve a business or indeed a corporate lifestyle.’

Details, including the selling price, are TBA. See Savills for more information.

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