Three COVID circumstances have been recorded in London’s new homeless shelter


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Anyone entering the Elizabeth Street pop-up shelter will be screened for coronavirus. People with symptoms are taken to isolation rooms in the hotel to prevent the virus from spreading. Public health officials came to the shelter to conduct an inspection after the three COVID-19 infections, and then performed a surprise inspection, Dickins said.

The 30-bed animal shelter, built with heated trailers, is part of a winter response to homelessness. City hall unveiled a $ 2.3 million plan in late November to build two pop-up shelters for those who can’t or won’t use typical emergency beds. There are washrooms, a shower, laundry facilities and common areas on the premises.

“The general consensus is that they started something good here,” said Aaron Bourget, who last year became something of a de facto leader among a community of people who lived in the Wellington Valley at the end of Maitland Street.

“We have our own little community here. It’s a good group of people. We look out for each other and everyone who has problems helps them alleviate those problems. We also had a church out there (on the river), but there was also a lot of isolation within the church, if that makes sense. Everyone paid attention to their own needs. “

The second pop-up shelter in a parking lot on the streets of York and Colborne outside of the Men’s Mission opened this week and is expected to be full by the end of the weekend, Dickins said.