Tim Robinson’s Terrazzo Studio is a “tropical oasis” in London


The architect Tim Robinson designed and built a studio and workshop at the end of his garden in East London. The walls are made of green terrazzo and are designed to blend in with the tropical vegetation of the garden.

Robinson, director of the creative design and architecture studio Sonn, wanted to create a new space to work and relax in the garden of his one-room apartment in Hackney.

The Terrazzo Studio is at the north end of the garden and looks back on the rear view of the three-story Victorian terrace.

Above: Robinson built a studio at the end of his garden. Upper picture: It is clad with green terrazzo

The single-story structure nestles under existing trees and is fully clad in forest green terrazzo that was chosen to help blend in with the lush landscape.

“The project was intended to provide a tropical oasis in the middle of a Victorian terrace and was inspired by a design and research trip to Mexico,” explained Robinson.

Green terrazzo claddingThe studio has two separate but adjoining rooms

The building consists of two separate but adjoining rooms, with the studio facing towards the front and a workshop towards the rear.

The tailor-made terrazzo cladding envelops the structure and extends into the studio space. Colored spots mixed into the technical stone complement the rest of the range of materials and give the surfaces a random look that is related to the planting.

A stained cork desk spans one wallA stained cork desk spans one wall

The studio contains a stained cork desk that extends the width of a wall. A narrow window to the back of the room and glass doors to the front create a constant visual connection with the garden when you are at your desk.

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Glazing in dark gray aluminum frames on three sides of the studio let a lot of natural light into the interior.

Bespoke cabinets on the back wall of the studio contain a hidden fold-away bed that turns the space into a quiet guest room.

A bedroom with a glazed wallThe glazing is embedded in a dark gray aluminum frame

The space is also connected to an outdoor deck with a custom-made concrete bench and a planter filled with tropical palm trees.“The full-height sliding doors open fully and the light gray microcement floor continues outdoors, blurring the lines between the interior and the exterior,” added Robinson.

Terrazzo claddingTerrazzo complements the tropical plants in the garden

The workshop space is hidden behind the studio and accessed through a door hidden in the fluted terrazzo cladding.

The narrow space contains a sink and storage space for tools, including built-in units and a large breadboard. A roof light fills the room with daylight and water for the sink is provided by a water piston next to the building.

A workshop with a breadboardThe workshop has a large breadboard

In addition to architectural projects, Sonn creates lifestyle products such as the LolliPop-Legs Stool and the art print Yeah Mate shown in the studio.The Terrazzo Studio is one of 22 projects competing for this year’s Don’t Move, Improve! Competition – an annual competition organized by New London Architecture. Other projects that are shortlisted include a mountain-like addition to an Edwardian residence and a colorful renovation of a Georgian townhouse by Office S & M.

The photography is by Sarah Burton.