Totally Furnished Luxurious Dwelling, $1M Money & Automobiles Beneath Fall 2022 Dream Lottery – London Prizes


The fall edition of the Dream Lottery in support of hospitals in London, Ontario, has returned for another year, with multiple grand prizes up for grabs and three grand prize winners to be announced, lottery officials said Thursday.

A fully furnished, 3,254 square foot dream home in Talbotville valued at approximately $1.8 million, $1 million in cash, a new BMW SUV and a 29-night dream vacation are among the prizes entrants could win .

The lottery is a joint venture between the Children’s Health Foundation, the London Health Sciences Foundation and St Joseph’s Health Care Foundation.

Money raised will go to St Joseph’s Health Care London, the London Health Sciences Center and LHSC Children’s Hospital to fund research, training and the purchase of new technology and state-of-the-art equipment. More than $53 million has been raised since 1996.

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London, Ont. The couple takes home the Dream Lottery grand prize ahead of Canada Day

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  • London, Ont. The couple takes home the Dream Lottery grand prize ahead of Canada Day

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“Our healthcare is so important and in London in particular we are our hub for healthcare across the region. At Children’s Hospital we support children who come all the way from Thunder Bay,” said Megan Vandekerckhove, Marketing and Direct Aid Manager at Children’s Health Foundation.

“In fact, at the Children’s Health Foundation and Children’s Hospital at the London Health Sciences Centre, donors fund over 90 per cent of the hospital’s equipment. … When you buy a Dream Lottery ticket, your money supports local families.”

Three grand prize winners will be announced as part of the lottery, officials say. The first grand prize winner can choose from three grand prize options including the dream home.

The two-story home, built by Woodfield Design + Build and located at 1 Sycamore Rd. in Talbotville, has a fully furnished design by Lea Legg of Red Acorn Studio, officials said. Overall, the price of the dream home is worth $1.79 million.

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“We really wanted to show something that represented Woodfield. The exterior really represents many of the models we offer. We also wanted to show what is possible on a corner lot,” said Phillip Alves, director of Woodfield Design + Build.

“We have now built 10 houses on this site. We have two more under construction. And then phases two, three and four are also being developed, so we’re trying to expand into those phases. This is our future, we hope to be here for at least the next five years.”

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The Dream Home’s location in the Talbotville Meadows neighborhood is a stone’s throw from where Amazon will open a large fulfillment center on the site of the former Ford assembly plant.

“We’re going to see a lot more interest in the area. The plans for this site are pretty big. There (are) parks, (a) soccer field, baseball fields, some commercial developments are coming along the freeway,” Alves said of the subdivision.

“I see a lot of growth here, especially if property prices stay the way they are. It’s definitely a great option and super close to both London and St Thomas.”

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The second option for the first grand prize winner is a new 2023 F150 Lariat Hybrid, $750,000 in cash and a $250,000 gift certificate to Cam-Am RV. The third option is $1 million in cash, officials say.

The second grand prize winner can choose between a new BMW X5 xDrive40i or $100,000 in cash, while the third grand prize winner can choose between a dream month-long vacation to Hamburg, London, Paris, Peru and South Africa or $50,000 in cash .

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In addition to the three grand prize winners, the dream lottery also has various prizes for their loyalty, VIP, bonus and early bird educations.

The lottery will also run its usual 50/50 draw, with the winner receiving half of the prize pool. Officials say the guaranteed payout is $250,000. Last year’s 50/50 winner walked away with more than $700,000.

The Dream Lottery will also be giving out $1,000 per day between January and April as part of the Making a Difference calendar, with $10,000 being awarded on January 1st and April 30th. Officials say calendar tickets must be ordered in conjunction with Dream Lottery tickets.

Officials say the announcement of the grand prize and 50/50 winners is scheduled for December 21, but if the lottery sells out by November 10 or 24, the bonus and early bird deadlines will announce the winners earlier .

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Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling 519-488-7100. Tickets for the 50/50 Draw and the Making a Difference calendar can be purchased when purchasing a Dream Lottery Master Ticket.

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