Tusk’s International Pleasure of Lion Sculptures auctioned in London

Tusk’s International Pleasure of Lion Sculptures auctioned in London

A pride of life-size lion sculptures, curated by a number of world-renowned celebrities and artists, will be auctioned in support of African conservation.

Following the success of the Tusk Lion Trail, which saw a pride of lion sculptures take to the streets at iconic landmarks around the world, Tusk is proud to announce that the lion artworks will be auctioned off to the public. All funds raised through the charity auction will support the work of Tusk and its partners in wildlife conservation and community empowerment across Africa. Three years ago, Tusk raised £750,000 with his Rhino Trail and has already surpassed that sum when The Hamptons Pride in the US raised $1 million in partnership with the African Community & Conservation Foundation.

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The individually curated life-size lion sculptures, designed by internationally acclaimed artists, will be available to view on the world’s largest online art marketplace, Artsy, starting October 28. The pack will be sold via both live and silent auction, with the bulk going on display at London’s famous Bonhams Auction House (New Bond Street) from 8th November 2021. For any bidders unable to attend, the Lions are also available to bid online through the Artsy platform. The silent auction ends on November 10, 2021 at 21:00 online. Please see below which lions will be participating in which auction.

Each sculpture highlights the lions’ magnificence, the threat to their existence and the people and solutions working to ensure their survival, raising awareness of the efforts to protect the African continent. Internationally recognized faces such as Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood, wildlife photographer David Yarrow, artists Ian Davenport, Gavin Turk, Helen Downie and David Mach, rugby legend Richie McCaw and actors John Cleese and Noel Fielding have all collaborated to create their own unique pieces of art, all of which will be available for purchase.


The vulnerability of African conservation has never been greater due to the devastating impact of COVID-19, which is severely affecting Africa’s economy, wildlife and tourism industry. Donations have never been more important to save these legendary big cats, known as the “king of beasts” and central to human culture since our own evolution.
Tusk is extremely grateful to lead global partner DHL and global co-sponsor ISPS Handa for their generous support, without which this hugely popular sculpture trail would not have been possible. The charity would also like to recognize the many corporations and foundations that have kindly sponsored each lion while on public display around the world.

Visit https://www.tuskliontrail.com/auction for more information


  1. Ronnie Wood II | Not lying lion
    Sponsored by DHL
  2. Noël Fielding | A hard mane will fall
    Sponsored by the Nick Maughan Foundation
  3. David Yarrow | The Lion Kings
    Sponsored by Genesis Imaging
  4. Ian Davenport | Kamuro
    Sponsored by Mishcon de Reya
  5. John Cleese and Jen Wade | pilgrim
    Sponsored by Lion Trust
  6. Paul Onditi | zircon
    Sponsored by Ninety One
  7. Sarah Shammah | ripping / snuggling
    Sponsored by the animal friends
  8. Rob & Nick Carter | rose lion
    Sponsored by Justerini & Brooks
  9. Patrick Hughes | mane bow
    Sponsored by Capricorn Private Investments
  10. David Mach | sign of time
    Sponsored by Emso
  11. Gavin Turk | blue lion
    Sponsored by Vodafone
  12. Helen Downie | Nathan
    Sponsored by Boodle Hatfield
  13. Jake Chapman | Why oh why oh why
    Sponsored by Orchard Global Asset Management


  1. Ronnie Wood | You’re bad!
    Sponsored by DHL
  2. David Yarrow | The Lion Kings
    Sponsored by Genesis Imaging
  3. George Morton Clark | Suffering Savior
    Sponsored by Richard Carter
  4. Adam Dant | London Pride
    Sponsored by Bowmark Capital
  5. Glen Baxter | English king
    Sponsored by Capital.com
  6. Nick Gentry | wild roots
    Sponsored by BlackRock
  7. Gerry McGovern | Long live the lion
    Sponsored by Land Rover
  8. Matthew Horne | Golden Miracle
    Sponsored by the Nick Maughan Foundation
  9. John Illsley | Big blue
    Sponsored by Currency.com
  10. Hannah Shergold | Brian the lion
    Sponsored by Fladgate LLP
  11. Michael Vorman | Untitled
    Sponsored by the Nick Maughan Foundation
  12. dr Handa Harusha | Azami
    Sponsored by ISPS Handa
  13. Lee Mack | Three shirts on a lion
    Sponsored by Deutsche Bank
  14. Ray Richardson | The return of urban casual
    Sponsored by Satis Asset Management
  15. Facebook Facebook logo Join Facebook to connect with Ade Adesina Timeline
    Sponsored by the Nick Maughan Foundation
  16. Adrian Wiszniewski lion drawing
    Sponsored by Richard Carter
  17. Beatrice Wanjiku | Samara
    Sponsored by Safaricom
  18. David Griggs | Civil Warrior
    Sponsored by DHL
  19. Richie McCaw and Dick Frizzel | Put it on the whole lion
    Sponsored by ISPS Handa

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