UK customer numbers rose 45 p.c when shops reopened, however London is struggling consequently


Don-Alvin Adegeest |

Tuesday 23 June 2020

A week after non-essential stores reopened, the latest data from Springboard’s retail intelligence expert shows that visitor numbers in all UK retail destinations increased 45 percent from the previous week between Monday June 15 and Sunday June 21.

In retail destinations, visitor numbers rose 46.7 percent from the previous week, compared to just 8.5 percent in Wales and 11.5 percent in Scotland.

Visitor numbers in London’s West End are still much lower than last year. The West End was 80.8 percent lower in 2019 than the main streets of England was 59.2 percent.

The opening of the non-essential retail store has seen a year-over-year improvement in the UK to -54 percent, from around -80 percent in the middle of the lockdown.

Photo: Lockdown via Pexels