Uncommon black fox noticed within the London backyard


Story and video from SWNS

A rare black fox was caught on camera while roaming a courtyard in London.

The fox are considered “melanistic,” which is the opposite of albino, and they make up about 0.1 percent of the UK’s fox population.

It was discovered by Anthony White, 24, in Lambeth North, London on November 27 at 1:30 p.m.

Anthony said, “I was helping clear some leaves in my friend’s garden when I discovered them.

“The first thing I thought is that I’ve never seen a black fox before, so I was shocked and quickly got my phone and took pictures of the animal.

“I didn’t know they existed until I saw this one.”

Black foxes are believed to be a North American species of red fox, with the added trait of changing their coat color.