What influence will Covid have on the way forward for youngsters after leaving college? | London enterprise information


The fact is that 20% of all children leave compulsory schooling without a basic qualification. This situation has worsened over the past year and it is impossible to exaggerate how harmful the previous year was for many children. What impact this will have on educational standards remains to be seen, but the indicators are not good.

Child Commissioner Anne Longfield is concerned and is working for the government to introduce a “Covid Bund” for education and wellbeing.

Boris Johnson has stated that catching up in education is a major focus of the government. Children have to be at the center of the “Better to dismantle” campaign. Anne Longfield wants to make sure that promise is kept.

With the advent of the coronavirus and prolonged lockdowns, e-learning platforms, home computers and access to the internet are now essential teaching aids. Compare Fiber reports that 4.7 million people have difficulty paying for their home broadband, and without affordable internet, education in these households will suffer.

One of the essential prerequisites for enabling children in low-income families to achieve their educational level is affordable access to the Internet. The affordability of the internet is vital so that there is no choice between studying and eating.

Nathan Hill-Haimes, co-founder of Compare Fiber, said: “The ability for lower-income households to eat, study and work should be a government priority. Access to the Internet is a human right that is fundamentally linked to a basic standard of living. “

“To support this, Compare Fiber is announcing that it is gaining traction for its affordable internet campaign targeting children who currently have access to free school meals.”

“I applaud Darren Jones and his awareness of this issue through the Internet Access Bill ‘- this is a pragmatic long-term solution that the government should put into law.”

“Compare Fiber supports the Internet Access Bill. In support of this, we launched a petition lobbying Boris Johnson to provide families of children with affordable internet access (£ 10 / month) for free school meals. “