When Tom Cruise needed to land his helicopter in James Corden’s London backyard | Hollywood


Hollywood star Tom Cruise was recently the subject of a story by James Corden, who recalled the time the action star asked to land his helicopter in the TV presenter’s London courtyard.

According to People magazine, James shared the story with James Corden’s audience on Tuesday’s “The Late Late Show” after it was revealed that Tom had landed his helicopter in a family’s backyard in the UK.

James said, “A true story about Tom Cruise. You can’t tell this summer without sounding like an asshole, it’s true. This summer, Tom Cruise and I texted about a meeting in London.”

James said, Tom “sent me a text that said, ‘Where are you?’ and I said, “I’m staying in St. John’s Wood,” which is pretty central in London. He said, “Cool, can I land my helicopter there?” And I just suspected he was kidding. “

The presenter then took out his cell phone, read the text messages aloud to his audience, and turned the cell phone toward the camera.

The messages showed that Tom Corden had texted: “What? You’re here? We need to find some time to have dinner. Are you in Coworth? I can land my helicopter there.”

In the texts, James replied that he was staying in the UK until August, adding, “Would like to see you x.”

The Jerry Maguire star replied, “We’ll make it. Can I land my helicopter in your yard? T.”

James sent the actor a series of laughing, crying emojis that prompted Tom to write back, “Does that mean no?”

The host wrote back, “I’ll measure it, but my guess is you can’t land a helicopter in St. John’s Wood.” Tom replied, “You’d be surprised where I can land.”

Earlier this month, Tom surprised a family in the UK. when his helicopter landed in their back yard in Warwickshire when nearby Coventry Airport was temporarily closed, according to People magazine.

“It was an incredible day. It was surreal, I still can’t believe it,” said Alison Webb.

She and her family were told their field was needed for an unnamed “VIP who was late” and to their surprise the Top Gun: Maverick star got off the helicopter.

“I thought it would be cool for the kids to see the helicopter land in the garden [Cruise] basically got in and out and it was like ‘wow’ “she said.

Tom even let their kids enjoy a helicopter ride as he was attending a meeting nearby.

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“He went straight to the kids for a chat, then came over and nudged us with his elbow and said thank you very much. Then he said if the kids wanted they could go up in the helicopter, ”added Webb.

The Mission: Impossible star was in the area filming the seventh installment of his hit action franchise with co-stars Hayley Atwell and Pom Klementieff.

You made a big splash with the locals when they performed at the Wimbledon final last month. Mission: Impossible 7 is slated to hit theaters on May 27, 2022, according to People Magazine.