Within the remaining days, Enterprise Cares Meals Drive is in search of final minute donations from Londoners – London


While the clock is ticking, the organizers of the annual Business Cares Food Drive in London are asking for a donation from the public for the last time – but only if they are able to.

The annual Food Drive, which ends on Tuesday and is the 21st time, brings together local businesses to raise food and money to support the London Food Bank and the agencies it supports.

In recognition of the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the city, this year’s campaign kicked off on December 1st without a set donation target.

Instead, people and companies were encouraged to do what they could, when they could.

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21st Business Cares Food Drive urges Londoners to “give, but only when they can”.

So far, the organizers say that the locals have stepped on the plate.

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For example, the campaign’s annual grocery weekend, held on December 5th and 6th, raised approximately £ 140,000 of groceries for physical and financial donations – 22 percent more than the previous year.

However, these gains are offset by the fact that fewer companies are taking part in the promotion compared to previous years.

“This time last year, we would be picking up groceries from 350 companies over the next three days. This year we’re going from 35 to 40. And we have some companies that bring in groceries, but not a lot, ”said Wayne Dunn, campaign chairman.

“What we are relying on now is our money and checks to end the last days of the campaign.”

Last year’s Business Cares Food Drive ended with a record haul of 476,000 pounds of food.

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The initiative will be taken as local support groups and health officials prepare for a likely harsh winter, fraught with significant service requirements and rising COVID-19 cases.

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This year’s campaign has already been supported by key community contributions, including a donation of $ 20,000 from LiUNA 1059, the local construction union, and a donation of $ 48,321 from the London Chamber of Commerce in October.

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Together, these donations are equivalent to approximately 26,277 pounds of food. (According to Food Banks Canada, a $ 2.60 donation is the same as one pound of groceries.)

However, Dunn emphasizes that the campaign doesn’t want anyone to feel pressured to donate.

“I know everyone has a hard time,” he said.

“I think our campaign’s slogan this year – although it’s about taking care of business (means) taking care of people – is’ Give when you can, but only when you can”. “

Even with the pandemic, Londoners haven’t failed to flex their benevolent muscles this year.

The London Food Bank’s autumn virtual food drive raised around £ 70,000 worth of food for physical and financial donations, and in April the spring food drive raised a record £ 188,000 in donations – more than double the previous year.

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The 21st Business Cares Food Drive ends on December 22nd.

Donors can donate groceries, cash and checks at JMP Warehouse and Businesses Cares headquarters or the London and District Construction Association on Aberdeen Drive.

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Checks should be made out to London and Area Food Bank / Business Cares and charges must be arranged in advance. For more information, visit businesscares.ca or call 519-661-9803.

Pickups can also be arranged and donations can be made online through the Business Cares website.

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