Worrying variants of COVID have been recognized in two colleges within the London space


The Thames Valley District Schools Board has confirmed that two COVID-19 cases in schools in the London area have been positively assessed as worrying variants.

The board said late Wednesday night the variants were linked to previously reported cases at Sir Arthur Currie Public School in London and the Strathroy District Collegiate Institute. The nature of the variants identified in both schools has not yet been confirmed by health authorities. Close contacts between infected individuals continue to isolate themselves and no new health and safety measures have been taken. Both schools remain open.

In addition, Thames Valley reported a new case of the virus at Ekcoe Central Public School in Glencoe. According to the health unit’s guidelines, the school will remain open and only those identified in close contact will be notified of further testing and quarantine by health authorities.

The school board is reporting 14 active cases of COVID-19, two of which are still in an outbreak status. A breakdown of all cases within the TVDSB can be found here.

As of Thursday, the Middlesex London Health Unit has four confirmed variant cases and 34 cases that tested positive for a variant of concern.