You Can Now Purchase Jermaine Gallacher’s Offbeat Designs on Matches Vogue – AnOther Journal


“Don’t be boring and follow trends, unless it’s trendy zigzag candlesticks,” says Jermaine Gallacher as he debuts a ballsy new homeware line on Matches Fashion

It’s not unreasonable to describe Jermaine Gallacher as the enfant terrible of London’s interior design scene. Known for his spiky, spunky taste, his pieces – both the ones that populate his shop on Lant Street in Borough, and those of his own design – are objects of a different kind of beauty, that is both distinctive and offbeat.

Gallacher has recently launched a collection of some such objects on Matches Fashion – “a collection of ballsy, elegant homeware,” as he puts it – that includes his trademark zigzag candlestick holders in black, white, red, orange, yellow and blue; a zigzag candle snuffer, and a zigzag bookend (also in red, yellow and blue).

Why zigzags you might ask? “I just think they have attitude and energy – both qualities I really admire in a person, so why not a candlestick?” he tells AnOther. Fair enough. Made in a small factory in Nottingham, these pieces are crafted from steel and are weighty; solid and satisfying, both in look and touch.

When it comes to his inspirations, Gallacher cites Eileen Grey – the Irish architect and furniture designer who was a pioneer of the Modern Movement – as someone who has had a particular impact on him. “I remember seeing this show [about her] at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and being totally blown away. I just thought it was all so beautiful.” Other than that, he doesn’t look to specific arts, designers or decorators. “I’m more inspired by the set of a Soft Cell music video,” he says.

Studying drawing at Camberwell College of Arts – where he developed an affinity for postmodernist design collective the Memphis Group – Gallacher’s journey into design began with buying objects for his business, as well as for his own collection. (Gallacher’s flat is filled with rare, beautiful and unusual objects that he’s acquired over the years.)

“I used to buy these great one-off things at markets and think actually it’s a shame there’s only one of these,” he says. “So during the first lockdown, I decided to design a small collection inspired by things I found at markets. I got my friend Ben Burgis to make the prototypes, I took them to a factory and started getting them made, although we are now on factory number three. Third time lucky, I hope!”

Does Gallacher have any interior design advice for us? “Don’t be boring and follow trends, unless it’s trendy zigzag candlesticks,” he says. “And I know it sounds obvious, but use colour – colour changes absolutely everything!”

Shop Jermaine Gallacher at Matches Fashion here.